Pittsburgh Legal Defense

Defend Lisa, Shea, and Max!

While Donald Trump made his second appearance in Pittsburgh recently, those arrested the first time he brought his ugly mug to town continue to fight in the court system in a long process of bullshit random charges, time consuming court dates, and expensive legal fees.

In August, Lisa, Max, and Shea agreed to waive their rights to a preliminary hearing in exchange for the dropping of a felony each. The court dropped Shea and Max's rioting charge and they are now left with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor resisting arrest. Lisa's aggravated assault was dropped but a misdemeanor of resisting arrest was added to her other misdemeanor of Obstructing justice.

As we continue to resist the racist and fascist rhetoric from Trump and those like him, don't forget Shea, Max, and Lisa as they move through the court system this year.

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